Vanessa Hudgens features in the latest Candie’s ad campaign for fall 2011, titled “Candie’s-isms”. The former Disney star, who became famous for her role in “High School Musical”, looks absolutely sexy and alluring, flaunting her toned body and sexy curves in a bra and panties, strapless tops and shorts.
The new Candie’s campaign actually shows the way Candie’s girls live by and this code features rules like “Candie’s girls believe you can do anything in heels,” “Candie’s girls know sprinkles are a food group” and “Candie’s girls never forget to treat themselves”.

Hudgens does ironing, wearing lingerie and lovely Candie’s items, blows bubbles with her chewing gum or is occupied by a grocery shopping or reading in the photos.
In a behind-the-scene video, the young actress confesses: “I’m having so much fun here today. There are so many different amazing Candie’s things to wear. You’ve got incredible shoes, a bunch of amazing clothes, some really cute floral tops and a beautiful jacket, and super-fun jewelry, like awesome bangles and a bunch of rings … not to mention the lingerie!”
Vanessa was announced as the new face of Candie’s still in January and the campaign made its debut in March issues of fashion and lifestyle magazines. Hudgens replaced Britney Spears and said: “Ever since I saw Fergie do the ads for Candie’s I fell in love. It’s such an honor to be able to be a Candie’s girl now!”

When she was asked whether she prefers a more conservative or an edgy style, she said: “Depends on the occasion. That’s why I love Candie’s. You can rock it out or be a pink princess”.
“I love Candie’s because they have so many great pieces you can mix into your wardrobe. My style is very similar to the Candie’s girl style in a sense where we just want to have fun … I had such a great time shooting the Candie’s campaign, it’s all about having fun and learning life lessons according to Candie’s,” added the actress.
Sold exclusively in Kohl’s stores worldwide, Candie’s is a great source of fun, youthful, playful, affordable and unique items for voguish fashionizers, who really want to differ from others through their style.
The printed campaign will be released in August and meanwhile all the Candie’s girls are welcome to vote via, until June 22, for the brand’s television commercial, which will be airing in late July.


Photo courtesy of Candie’s