victoriaPhoto: Zimbio

Speaking during her new Skype documentary ‘Five Years – the Victoria Beckham Story’, singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham has opened up on being a fashion trend setter even in her younger years. Victoria revealed that she started a trend involving  wearing two pairs of socks with her school uniform and it soon caught on, with plenty of girls copying the look because it made the uniform look more stylish at the time. Victoria commented:

”I created a fashion where you’d wear two pairs of socks – one pair on top of the other because it kind of bagged around the ankle. In my eyes, it changed how you looked in this horrific school uniform. It spread like wildfire.”

Victoria also told the story about how she used to use a Gucci shopping bag as her school bag to bring books back and forth each day, which worked well until it broke:

”It was a Gucci carrier bag – not a proper Gucci bag, a carrier bag that I would lug all of my books to school in. I would use that day in day out, until the bottom of the thing fell out.”

The designer reveals that in her early days as Posh Spice, she couldn’t afford designer clothing and although everyone once thought she was wearing an expensive designer Gucci dress, she had really purchased the look from the high street:

”The first dress I wore in the Spice Girls that everybody thought was a little black Gucci dress was actually from Miss Selfridge. I couldn’t have afforded a little black Gucci dress.”