When you hear Alexander Wang is ramping up to launch a new product, you’re probably thinking it’ll be a pair of boots or a beautiful new bag. Well, you’re partly right, but it certainly won’t look like all his other bags that women scramble to get their hands on. Wang is teaming up with Samsung to design a bag.


The designer and the tech company will collaborate on a limited edition tote that will be sold in Wang’s boutiques and through the brand’s website starting this summer. Proceeds from the sale of the bag will be donated to ArtStart, which is a charity based in New York City that encourages creative talent in at-risk children and youths.


The print to be used on the bag will be inspired by sketches and photos taken by a group of stylists, photographers, and friends that Wang selected himself. The catch is that this creative bunch will use the Samsung Galaxy Note II to create “doodles” and capture images for the print. They’ll use the phone’s create-and-share feature to quickly send out photographs they take or patterns they sketch. Wang is not only excited to work on the product with such a talented bunch, but is also happy to support a charity with such a meaningful mission. The designer said,

“I am most inspired from my everyday life and the people that surround me, so the idea of a co-creation with the people that I admire and respect the most is very exciting. This collaboration represents a new way that technology and style can come together. And, through a concerted effort, I am happy to be a part of supporting such a great charity as ArtStart that embraces creativity and art in a way that can change lives.”

Younghee Lee, the Executive Vice President of Samsung Mobile, shares Wang’s enthusiasm for the project, saying, “Technology is becoming more deeply linked with the creative processes of fashion designers, and Samsung products are empowering users with the freedom to be creative and productive without limits. As technology and fashion converge, we will continue to create products that inspire passion through innovation.”

It seems like Apple has a monopoly when it comes to innovative cell phones and they’ve certainly created a ton of apps to appeal to the increasingly techy fashion industry. Maybe Samsung will give Apple a run for their money though with their partnership with Alexander Wang, and maybe it’ll spark other companies’ interest in the fashion crowd too!