Barbie has been given a new designer makeover, just in time for Christmas. Ditching the potential red velvet Santa dresses or gold cocktail gowns that could have been, British designer Stephen Jones goes down a more Gaga-esque route with the designs – taking the conventional Christmas theme to a less obvious place! The five themed dolls will go on sale at Topshop in Selfridges on November 15th for a hefty £250 each – but they’re limited edition and a must for Barbie collectors. A spokesperson for Selfridges commented on the new designs:

“We’re enamoured with the idea of truly one-of-a-kind gifts this Christmas. More than ever before we’re aware of the demand for pieces which offer something really special.”

She added that the rare dolls all come from Stephen’s amazing mind that each tell a story and show off his creativity to the full extent:

“These pieces don’t necessarily come with a million-pound price tag – they’re not about ostentatiousness – their beauty lies in their rarity. All of the storytelling and fantasy of Stephen’s work, realised with fun and witticism that’s synonymous with Barbie, has gone into these beautiful dolls.”