Photo: WonderlandMagazine

London-based, Liverpool-born menswear designer Christopher Shannon has opened up on his thoughts about the fashion world. The designer recently missed out on the ‘Menswear Label of the Year’ award at the British Fashion Awards and he says he realizes he is not part of that scene and it is better to be rebelling against it:

 “I made my peace with the British Fashion Awards long ago, it’s so not me as a scene. You should always antagonise the establishment… I haven’t got a problem with Savile Row but I’m not going to be led by it.”

Speaking on his Liverpudlian roots, Christopher says he doesn’t understand why people always focus on where he is from and judges him accordingly. He admits that his mother is particularly annoyed by how often he is judged based on where he was born:

“My mum finds it outrageous, I moved to London when I was 18 so I was a kid. I mean I’m very much from Liverpool, but I don’t sit around thinking about it. That’s other people’s perception.”

Speaking on his inspiration for his new Spring/Summer 2014 collection inspired by 90s sportswear and the culture he was exposed to in his youth, Christopher says he was drawn to the somewhat “seedy” elements because he found it fascinating:

“I realised so many of the images I had are sort of broken-down. I was thinking about the first track suits, which apart from being for sport or school kit would have been homemade from a pattern. I was thinking about that really synthetic quality of fabric and that shape and fit – that sort of seedy connotation that I quite liked about it. Then I realised that the images were all of the early Thatcher years and people were smoking in all of them and how fabulous all the fag packets were. And everything that I looked at had a fag packet and some wallpaper in, and that really sums up the time. Aspirational but really depressing.”