NY-based designer Isaac Mizrahi has seen in all when it comes to model trends – and he thinks models generally look healthier than ever before currently. Model weight has been a hot topic for years, as has the banning of size zero models and regulations for teenagers on the catwalk. Isaac also thinks that the “heroin chic” model trend which was very popular in the 90s (think Kate Moss in her prime) wasn’t very flattering because the young models were made to appear as though there were on drugs as part of the trend and it often made them look sicky:

“I don’t notice girls anymore in the majority who are sickly-looking. Even if they’re tall and thin now, they look healthier to me. Not fat, not fatter, but they just look healthier. I mean this — there was a moment when there was this whole heroin chic thing and it just looked terrible. It just looked terrible! And now everyone points at it and goes, ‘Oh dear, that’s terrible.'”

Isaac adds that while girls still need to maintain quite a strict weight these days, they still look healthy and for the majority they don’t look underweight. Nor are they being encouraged to look like addicts which he  believes was a “sickening” trend and he is glad girls don’t have to keep up such a disturbing look now:

And the girls are encouraged to be thin, but I don’t think they’re encouraged to look like drug addicts anymore. I mean, I’m sure there are some designers who like the girls to look like drug addicts, but not on the whole the way it was for a good 10 years — like, in the middle of the ’90s to around 2002 or so. There was that thing going on, and it was sickening, absolutely sickening. I don’t think it exists anymore.”