Photo: TheGuardian

Canadian-born British-Turkish designer Erdem Moralioglu has opened up on his thoughts about current fashion design. The designer, who has dressed many big name stars such as Michelle Obama, has commented that he thinks fashion trends can be oppressive. Speaking on how important he feels trends are to him as a designer he says they are less important to him now than ever because he doesn’t like to blindly follow them:

 ”Less so than they used to be I think. It’s impossible to escape the idea that there are certain movements in a season – the same as there are with architecture and art – though I think the idea of simply following a trend does feel quite oppressive.”

The Erdem label is known for bright floral prints but the designer decided to change things up for Spring/Summer 2014, producing an entirely monochrome selection that at first surprised when he presented the new pieces:

”I was in the studio at the beginning of the season surrounded by all these white rolls of fabric. It just felt like the right way to; stripping away the colour made me look more closely at the actually form and shape of the clothes.”

Erdem adds that he has loved designing clothes ever since he was a young boy. He reveals that he really enjoyed making his sister’s dolls clothes:

 ”I’ve been obsessed with the way women looked since I was very young and was always either making dresses for my sister’s dolls or drawing them. I thought, ‘Can this obsession of mine become a job? Is it something you do?’ Eventually I discovered it was.”