It was big news back in June that Maison Martin Margiela was planning to collaborate with H&M. Rumors only had to circulate for a day before the retailer sent out an official press release about the collaboration and posted promotional videos online. It’s set to launch in 230 stores around the country on November 15, and will include clothing and accessories for both men and women.

What the collection would look like remained a mystery until a few months ago when one sneak peek leaked online. A blogger scanned an image of a red dress from the collection from French Elle, which looked strikingly similar to some of the label’s designs for their actual collection. As of today, however, we now have a much better vision of the collaboration.

The first official shots from the ad campaign have been released. British artist Sam Taylor-Johnson photographed Maison Martin Margiela’s sleek, modern designs for Swedish retailer H&M on the streets of Paris, and also shot a video that’ll debut on TV a week before the collection hits stores.

British GQ also has some Polaroid pictures of pieces from the collection, including a bag, pair of shoes, white vest and pants, coat, and denim top and bottom. A representative for MMM told the magazine that the men’s garments from the collaboration are reissued pieces from the label’s archives. They’re happy to present the designs to “a new audience, to those who were too young to buy the original pieces and those who didn’t have access to Maison Martin Margiela before the days of internet shopping,” as well as to those customers “who can’t afford our mainline collection.” They’re hoping their iconic pieces from the past will now become modern classics.

The big question, though, is whether or not this intended audience will be receptive to the designs. MMM and H&M seem like an unlikely pair. Maison Martin Margiela has a following among a specific group of fashion people, but isn’t exactly a household name among typical shoppers. The label’s avant-garde styles might not fit in with the rest of the styles produced by a retail giant like H&M. MMM addressed this issue in another one of their press releases. The label thinks that H&M shares its belief in the “democracy of fashion,” or making fashion for all, and that the collaboration will allow them to “push this instinct further.” They want to bring together “the contrasting universes of the two houses in ways that will surprise all.” Hopefully the collection will surprise in a good way, and not confuse customers and fans of both MMM and H&M.