In a surprise move, French fashion house Givenchy have decided to uproot its usual Paris-based show and move the Spring/Summer 2016 collection’s presentation to a slot during New York Fashion Week. The change comes just as Givenchy gear up to open a 5,000-sq-ft Madison Ave store. The show will take place on the 11th of September this year. Speaking on the change, designer Riccardo Tisci said that he was proud to be making the move to America for the show, even though the date falls on the anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks: “It’s a very delicate day for America, and so the show is going to be a celebration of family and love. It gives me so much energy, and I’m very inspired by the culture. I feel free when I’m there.”

Tisci also added that the show will have an extra special twist, because he’ll be working with the reknowned artist Marina Abramovic, who is going to art direct the event: ”[Performance artist Marina Abramović] is going to help me to art direct the show. It’s going to be very interesting.”

Meanwhile, the new Autumn/Winter 2015 Givenchy campaign has just been released and it stars an impressive all-star cast. Riccardo invited Dontella Versace to pose for the images in an unconventional move, while there are several other photographs featuring an extensive range of faces including: Candice Swanepoel, Alessio Pozzi, Aliz Menyhert, Filip Hrivnak, Frankie Rayder, Greta Varlese, Isis Bataglia, Jamie Bochert, Lucas Cantão, Mariacarla Boscono, Stella Lucia and Victor Cruz. The new campaign was captured by photography duo Mert & Marcus.