Photo: Zimbio

British fashion designer Henry Holland was left impressed while visiting Japan by how flawlessly styled many of the men were. He commented that many people he observed on the street had perfectly tailored trousers that showed off just a little bit of their ankle which they teamed with smart brogues. He believes even women can wear this chic look, either in a masculine inspired way or by giving it a feminine twist with a skirt:

“I’m writing this from Tokyo and how Japanese men can get their trouser hem just right so that a pair of brogues and a flash of ankle looks incredible, I will never know. But, ladies, get yourself to Church’s for a timeless lace-up brogue, and Google Japanese men’s street style to get the trouser to go with it. You will not be sorry. Or femme it up and wear them with a full above-ankle-length skirt. It’s the right amount of ankle that is key to these looks.”

When a fan quizzed the designer if a person over a size UK 10 could look good in leather leggings, the designer responded that it is still possible to look great in a pair if they’re styled the right way. He advised to team the leggings with a floaty, long-length top for the best outfit:

“Of course you can wear leather leggings over a size 10. Maybe not in bright optical white, though – this option should always be saved for the tiniest percentile of the population (i.e. Liz Hurley and runway models). [If you’re conscious about your figure] a black leather legging is actually a great, comfortable option. I think longer-line tops work best – either oversized or smocked – and they have the added bonus of removing any camel-toe related distractions from your day,”