jongPhoto: StyleBistro

John Galliano has disappeared from the spotlight following his public rant which resulted in his removal as head designer at Christian Dior. However, he has now spoken on how he is recovering and explains that continuing to design is something that has helped him greatly. He says he gives working much of his focus now:

”I love working, it’s my therapy. I can draw until 4 in the morning every night and not feel tired. I’m driven by the creative process. I’m interested in theatre, cinema and haute couture. I have yet to design my best collection. The new Galliano will be even bigger and better.”

Opening up on his downfall, John explains that he had been mixing alcohol and drugs, and although it is not an excuse for his horrible behavior, he knows now he had a big problem:

”What happened was a defence mechanism. I repeated a pattern I had known as a teenager, and I was under the influence of an explosive cocktail of drugs and alcohol. I don’t want to make up excuses, simply to try and explain what addiction can do to a person. I felt provoked.”

Commenting on how his life has changed over the years that have passed since the incident, John says he has had to get to grips with his own problems and he’s continuing to work towards a better place in his life now:

”The last three years have taken me on an incredible journey. I’ve come face-to-face with my demons, medicine and alcohol. I have rebuilt myself again. Thanks to my therapy sessions, which I’ve been having ever since going to the rehabilitation centre that cured me, I’m more in touch with my emotions. Anger, fear, rage. I was angry with everyone except for myself… What I’ve done will never be forgotten, but I regret it.”