Photo: Zimbio

Julien Macdonald may be at the forefront of womenswear but the designer believes menswear is actually more exciting at the moment. The British designer believes men are pushing more boundaries when it comes to fashion and aren’t afraid to show off their unique style, which even includes facial hair. He says that fashion is on a new “high” thanks to the men who are showing off their individuality:

“There is a fashion high but it isn’t coming from women, it is coming from men. Men are having a major fashion moment. A lot of guys out there are being super trendy. We are seeing a lot of beards and a lot of moustaches and a lot of men are feeling inspired by clothes. It’s a great time for men’s fashion at the moment – it’s not just for girls.”

Speaking during Newcastle Fashion Week, the designer complimented the local fashion and believes many of the country’s most talented designers are from the area. He believes that events such as Newcastle Fashion Week are bringing more attention to these rising names in design:

“I’m here to support everyone who loves fashion. We have a lot of talented designers that come from the North. I couldn’t single out one particular designer but there is a lot of emerging talent and there are some great universities and fashion colleges that have a great reputation for bringing out some great designers. Newcastle is an emerging city and events like Newcastle Fashion Week really put it on the map.”