Photo: Instagram

Opting to debut his latest collaboration with A.P.C. at Mens Fashion Week in Paris, rapper Kanye West’s second offering moves away from the simplicity of his first (basic t-shirts, skinny jeans and hoodies) and takes further inspiration from his own personal style – balaclavas, camouflage prints, cargo skinny trousers and fur-lined parka coats come directly sourced from pieces Kanye wears regularly himself, albeit changed to include his own finishing touches.

Commenting on his work, Kanye makes reference to his two womenswear collections that he previously designed, stating that he jumped in to them too quickly. He admitted: “I’ve had a bad education in fashion,” describing his two poorly received womenswear collections as “hopping in a Lamborghini and driving really fast.” He adds that A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou is “teaching me how to drive.”

Kanye also explained the several skinny cargo trousers he created, explaining that he hasn’t been happy with how other designers make them because they always cut out pocket room:

“Designers [who] are making them slimmer so the pockets get smaller. You can’t fit anything in them.”

On the move away from his basic first collection, Kanye says he has started to get more creative now: “I’m starting to be able to express myself.” He also says it gives him a chance to make something people can enjoy outside of music:

 “As a fan you can’t wear a CD and have someone compliment you on it, but you can with clothes. That’s why I’m doing this. It’s about giving back to the Earth.”