Karl Lagerfeld always puts on an extravagant show when presenting his designs for Chanel, so his presentation of the Fall 2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week didn’t disappoint. In fact, it seems like Lagerfeld had world domination on his mind at his most recent runway show.

The designer had a gigantic rotating globe installed at the center of the Grand Palais, the majestic building that houses all of Chanel’s ready-to-wear shows. The globe was adorned with flages bearing the brand’s double C logo to show where each Chanel store around the world is located.

If the globe wasn’t enough to prove that Chanel is truly an international brand for customers worldwide, then maybe Daft Punk’s “Around the World” playing in the background was another hint. The luxury brand’s sales in places like Asia, Russia, and the Middle East are increasing rapidly, but even while attracting new demographics, Lagerfeld has managed to hold on to his current customers too. Season after season, he sends models down the runway wearing ensembles that satisfy both the wealthy, enduring Chanel customers and the younger fans of the brand who save up for one piece of the collection or who only aspire to wear Chanel one day.

The collection was unsurprisingly heavy on black, white, and gray. Blue and green coats, pink suits and sweaters, and metallic threads woven through the brand’s famous tweeds provided pops of color. Short flirty skirts skimmed the tops of thigh high leather boots, while some models strutted down the runway in flat combat boots covered in chains. The dresses, skirt suits, and coats were impressive as always, updated this time around with new silhouettes and eye-catching details. There were numerous versions of the classic Chanel bag as well as a more unexpected accessory – furry helmet-shaped hats in dark red, light pink, and bright blue.


Lagerfeld himself took a walk around the globe on the circular catwalk after the models showed the last of the looks. “There’s space left,” he stated upon inspection of the miniature planet. We can only imagine what he’s planning for the brand now!


Lagerfeld didn’t forget about his celebrity fans when planning for the show. The front row was full of stars, as it is at most runway shows during fashion month. Jessica Chastain, Milla Jovovich, Vanessa Paradis, and Frank Ocean all came out to show their support for Karl.


Celebrities and regular customers alike are sure to snap up this collection as soon as it hits stores. Which looks did you love the most?