Karl Lagerfeld’s designs for Chanel, especially for the biannual couture shows, are often breathtaking and provide for quite the runway show. During Tuesday’s Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2013 show at the Grand Palais in Paris, however, it wasn’t the garments everyone was paying attention to. Lagerfeld ended the show with not one, but two models – two female models holding hands and wearing long white gowns with trains.

The matching models on the catwalk, Kati Nescher and Ashleigh Good, were also joined by 4-year-old Hudson Kroenig dressed as a small wedding attendant. Hudson is Lagerfeld’s godson and the son of model and Chanel muse Brad Kroenig.


The closing of the show seemed to be a timely statement made just in time for the French President François Hollande’s rumored announcement on Friday that he supports a law to allow same-sex marriage in France. When asked if this was the reason for the two brides, Lagerfeld confirmed that, “of course it was.” The German designer continued, “I don’t even understand the debate. Since 1904 the church and stated have been separate” and insisted that all religions should tolerate gay marriage.


Karl did admit that he is “less supportive” of what he calls gay male couples “ordering babies.” He’s “not so crazy about that” and encouraged men to adopt children instead. He got particularly worked up about the subject when asked about Pierre Bergé’s recent comments that there’s no difference between paying a women to be a surrogate and paying a worker for their labor in a factory. Bergé, former partner of the late Yves Saint Laurent and supporter of gay rights, “horribly shocked” Lagerfeld with his opinion.


The rest of the Chanel couture show was much less controversial and allowed the beauty of the clothing to serve as the only statement. The crowd commended the collection and its designs that “framed the shoulder.” Lagerfeld said he was very focused on “the beauty of the shoulder” to create “becoming” looks.