Legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld had a trick up his sleeve when it came to casting his latest Karl Lagerfeld campaign for the menswear line’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.  Instead of just picking a male model at random (or his usual favourite male model Baptiste Giabiconi), Lagerfeld opted for someone he has known for quite some time: Sébastien Jondeau, Karl Lagerfeld’s personal assistant and bodyguard of 14 years. Of course, Sébastien happens to be rather handsome and works well in the new campaign images which, true to form, Lagerfeld even photographed himself.

The bodyguard, who began working with Karl in 1999, said that he enjoys the designer’s company: “I spend all my time with him,” and he comments that he is willing to protect the designer “to the end,” adding, “I have no limits, to protect him at least.” To add to the charm, Karl even made a 2-minute long video starring his new muse which reveals a little more about his personality. See the full snippet below!