karlPhoto: HuffingtonPost

Karl Lagerfeld has spoken on affordable fashion, admitting you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look good. The Chanel designer believes much of fashion is about a certain attitude and people with less money can look more stylish than those who drop thousands on designer pieces. He also explains that he does want some of his designs to be accessibly priced:

“People wear what they love, what they can afford to buy. There are peasants in Ethiopia who are chic-er than rich women. Elegant is an attitude… I don’t take myself very seriously. It’s funny. My business partner wanted [the brand] Karl Lagerfeld to be the same price as Chanel. But I said no. People should be able to buy fashion without being ruined.”

The designer reveals that there is a Karl Lagerfeld inspired female Barbie available and he takes it as a personal compliment:

“Do you know they even make a Barbie dressed like me now. Not Ken, but Barbie, dressed like me. It’s a big compliment. I think I look very normal.”

Karl has his own instantly recognizable uniform and he says people notice him immediately. He says being noticed and even followed is just a part of being in the spotlight and those who are famous need to have a tough skin:

“[Admirers] even follow me into my favourite bookshop. It can be dangerous. But you have to pay for everything in life. I made myself easy to recognise. This job is for warriors. It’s not for romantic softies. You can’t take the job, take the money and then play the victim… I hate that word, [workaholic]. Work is when you have a boring job to make a living.”

Karl says he doesn’t want to retire even though there is pressure to do so because he’s not tired:

“No! People would love it, to get my great jobs. But what for? I’m not tired, I don’t have to retire.”