karllPhoto: Zimbio

Never one to keep his option to himself, no matter how controversial, Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has opened up on his thoughts about aging, saying he thinks it’s all a state of mind and about how you act. Karl says that in order to keep going in life, you need something to drive you and give you the energy to want to keep living. He explained:

 “It’s a question of energy. You need enthusiasm for what you do. And an environment where people aren’t talking about illness or aging.”

Karl believes even young people are starting to act too old and he simply tries to discipline himself to see life differently:

 “Even younger people are starting to talk about circulation problems. I have extreme self discipline, which I can barely call self discipline anymore because I can’t see any other way to be.”

The designer candidly admits he isn’t interested in anyone from his own generation:

“I don’t know anyone from my generation. I find those people terrible.”

Commenting on his own childhood, growing up as a boy in Germany, Karl says he was never particularly interested in people his own age then either. He spent much of his time trying to educate himself and always just wanted to be older:

“I didn’t play with other children, I thought they were dreadful. The only thing I did was read, learn languages and sketch. As a child I only had one wish: to be grown up. Now I don’t find that important anymore.

He added that he never liked wearing shorts when he was young:

“I’ve always found short trousers degrading – they’re for dumb boys.”