German designer Lagerfeld and model Delevingne appear at the end of his Fall/Winter 2014-2015 women's ready-to-wear collection show for French fashion house Chanel at the Grand Palais transformed into a "Chanel Shopping Center" during Paris Fashion WeekPhoto: Reuters

Karl Lagerfeld recently surprised by staging the Autumn/Winter 2014 Chanel show at a Chanel-themed supermarket. Now, the designer has opened up on his chosen setting and has said that shopping is a part of “daily life” and he created his own “modern pop world” through the unique set. When asked when the last time he was at a supermarket, he responded:

“In a photo shoot for ELLE magazine. You see it’s a part of daily life today on every social level. Everyone goes to the supermarket. That’s why I had in the center of the show the chic couple with the Chanel bag because also they go there, uh? It’s like a modern pop world. But I don’t shop. The show was unbelievable. And people stole everything out of there. Even the food, eh? And the food was supposed to go to the poor.”

Speaking on Instagram selfies, Karl admits he isn’t a fan. He says he usually avoids the internet completely:

“I don’t do it myself. I do nothing on the Internet so no one can say it’s Karl. But other people do it for me. I had selfies but only when somebody can pose it because with selfies, you get the worst angles. You can make a fake selfie.”

Opening up on wearing perfume, the designer says he likes to wear several at one go because he thinks it creates an interesting smelling experience:

“I wear several perfumes at the same time. You know why? Because if you only use one you don’t smell it anymore. And then you put so much on that other people nearly faint when they see you, while you don’t think you smell at all. So it’s good for the nose to change. And then there are perfumes that I like to put on sheets and curtains.”