Kate Moss and Topshop parted ways after several exciting sold-out collaboration collections a few years ago, but now the legendary British model and the high street store have decided to reunite for a whole new spring collection, set to launch in April 2014. Kate is currently working with Topshop’s creative director Kate Phelan to create a line of up to 40 pieces, inspired by her own sense of style.

In a statement released about the new collection, Kate commented that she has missed working with Topshop and she feels as though she is at home working with them again:

“I have really missed being involved in the design process, and working with the team at Topshop. Now more than ever, with London being at the forefront of fashion…it feels like I’m back home working with Topshop.”

The collection’s availability is reportedly set to be global: available throughout their stores all over Europe, USA and online, as well as “pop-ups in department stores around the globe.” Watch this space for upcoming details!