Kelly Osbourne doesn’t like to call her new fashion line “plus-sized”, instead commenting that it’s an inclusive line for all sizes. While doing some research for her first collection, she was shocked to see that prices go up past a certain size and she won’t allow that to happen with her own line. She will make creations for all sizes and says that each garment will be equally priced because it’s simply not fair:

”First thing I want to make very clear: I’m not just doing a plus-size line. I’m doing a line for every girl that goes past a (American) size 10. In my research, I’ve found that the prices go up after size 10 and that really hurts my heart – it’s not fair! So with my line, the (American) size 2 will be the same price as the (American) size 24.”

Revealing what her new collection might include, Kelly says she is currently obsessed with crop tops and even her father liked one she posted on twitter once which she found hilarious:

”I’m always in crop tops. I love them. In fact, the funniest Tweet I’ve ever received was from my father after I posted a pic of myself wearing a crop top. He said, ‘I love that shirt! Can you get me that shirt?’ and I was like ‘No, Dad! It’s a crop top!”’