Photo: GQMagazine

French fashion label Maje has teamed up with K-Way to produce a limited collection of several waterproof  jackets. Deciding to create a fashionable solution to the wintry downpours, the two companies worked on a selection of pieces that provide practical and stylish solutions for winter dressing.  Maje creative director Judith Milgrom explains that K-Way jackets are so useful:

“I’ve never liked umbrellas because I always lose or forget them so having a K-Way jacket in my bag is the ideal solution for me.”

Speaking on a leopard print which features on one of the pieces and which is a Maje signature, Judith comments that she loves it:

“because it brings a twist and adds a chic touch to a classical look. The leopard print is a Maje staple, a signature. It appears in the collections, in the stores, on our shopping bags…. It’s everywhere.”

Priced between £165 to £195 and with each piece being reversible, these investment designs are classic, stylish and also serve a purpose. Speaking on the K-Way brand, Judith says she wasn’t familiar with them until she moved to France and saw how everyone had one for rainy days:

“I grew up in Morocco so I wasn’t familiar with K-Way when I was a young child like most French kids are, I discovered the brand – or more specifically the product- when I moved to France. I remember realizing how engrained and iconic K-Way jackets were in France.”

The designer adds that the pieces can be conveniently worn dressed up or down:

“I can wear my K-Way jacket in a casual way at the week-end or in a more formal way with leather leggings or slim jeans and high heels.”