Marc Jacobs‘ Fall 2013 show was already one of the most anticipated of New York Fashion Week, but he further secured this top spot as soon as a topless model started strutting down his catwalk.

As soon as she took her first step, everyone at the show immediately began snapping pictures and posting them to Instagram, Twitter, and every other social media platform. The model was Lily McMenamy, the 18-year-old daughter of supermodel Kristen McMenamy.


She wore Look 21 in the show, which on the line sheet was described as nothing but  “pant, glove, shoe.” This description wasn’t totally accurate though. Not only was there a belt thrown in the mix (when there’s so few pieces to to comment on, might as well be thorough!), but the bottoms Lily was wearing weren’t exactly “pants.” Instead, she walked the runway in a pair of hot pants. As for her lack of shirt, she covered her chest with one of her gloved hands.

Despite her excellent genes, McMenamy is fairly new to modeling. After signing with Next Model Management last year, she only walked for Saint Laurent and Chanel. She revealed that modeling has “always been kind of a secret fantasy for me” and that her famous mother gave her a catwalking lesson before her debut. Lily also said people think of her as a little girl, but she’s 18 and feels like she’s had plenty of experience because she “grew up quite fast.”


Marc Jacobs’ show may have only been her third runway show ever, but we’re sure it helped put her on the map! Between her modeling potential and her exclamations that she’s “really fucking cool,” we’ll definitely keep an eye out for what McMenamy will do next.