Photo: Engagor

Marc Jacobs has revealed that he believes many people in the fashion industry aren’t real friends, and only form relationships to get ahead. He says many people aren’t loyal and often behave superficially, so he looks to form authentic bonds with people he sees are genuine instead:

“When friendships are genuine, they last – it’s really that simple. In fashion, there is certainly a percentage of people who don’t have the loyalty and integrity in a relationship. They’re looking over their shoulder. They’re being superficial. But when you meet people that you genuinely like, and there’s authenticity, it lasts, and it’s not an effort to maintain a relationship.”

At his previous show earlier this year, Marc sat his audience in a cloud-inspired setting and says he wanted to create a dreamy atmosphere for those viewing the show:

“A dream is supposed to be what’s not real – or what’s not real yet. We’re talking about something that is ethereal, taking you outside where you are physically. And which seems like the right world. But let’s get one thing straight – I don’t just have my head in the clouds.”

Marc recently teamed up with close friend Sofia Coppola yet again on a new fragrance campaign, and she was also heavily inspired by the dream concept for the new images:

“It was really fun to think about the imagery of what Marc wanted. A lot of dreaming is involved in what I do. I guess with the fragrance, you imagine the woman you’re going to be when you wear it. Part of the experience when you wear this fragrance is that you think about a life you’re going to have. That’s what fashion is too.”