Actresses-turned-designers Mary-Kate and Ashley are known for their steep (and some even shocking) price tags, especially when it comes to their ‘The Row’ bag line, which has previously featured backpacks that have been priced at over $50,000. Now, the duo have finally caved and given us what we’ve always wanted: their bags for a more affordable price. They’ve created a selection of designs which have a very similar vibe to their more luxurious ‘The Row’ label for their ‘Elizabeth & James’ brand.

With backpacks and very refined, classic styles available, the new selection has a timeless vibe that captures the spirit of their work perfectly. The designs are priced reasonably – $625 for a leopard print tote bag with leather handles and $445 for a bright red backpack which is a perfect doppelganger for their more pricey ones. The bags are currently available on pre-order via Neiman Marcus and will likely prove to be popular considering that the twins managed to actually sell some of their more expensive designs – now they they’re much more affordable, these designs are set to fly off the shelves, probably before they even hit them.

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