Photo: TimeInc

American fashion designer Michael Kors believes Hollywood fashion is changing rapidly. Speaking on the idea of celebrity style, Michael comments that the whole concept has changed completely, and with it, so has celebrity red carpet style. He thinks the internet has had a huge influence on how people think about stars these days:

“We’ve seen the idea of Hollywood glamour go from the very done-up, lacquered, and shellacked women of the twenties to the undone beauty of the late sixties to the blend that we have today. The idea of celebrity has changed as well. I think a lot of that is due to the internet and social media – we get a better look into their lives and who they are.”

Michael adds that costume design is very different to regular fashion design because it’s about transforming in to a completely different character and becoming another person on screen:

“Fashion is about expressing yourself – showing the world who you are and how you think. Costume is about turning yourself into someone else.”

Speaking on which Hollywood women inspire him right now, Michael comments that some of the younger talents are very impressive because they manage to juggle so much at once, while still looking amazing. He commented that their talent is surprising:

“It’s the women making their own paths in the industry – these women might be young in years but they’re super sophisticated in their talents. From Lea Michele to Elisabeth Moss to Kate Young, it’s women who juggle it all seamlessly. Whether acting, styling, singing, or directing, they multitask with ease.”