Photo: ArizonaFoothillsmagazine

American fashion designer Michael Kors has commented on designing his collections, revealing that it often feels like “having a baby” because of how long the designs take, and how excited he is about the moment his designs are shown to the world. Michael says that the process can also be very personal and a revealing experience:

“When you work on a collection, it really takes nine months – it’s like having a baby. It’s very personal, and it sort of all becomes your favourite at that moment. That said, the gray cashmere sweatshirt and khaki beaded chinos from my Spring 2011 collection are up there.”

Recalling a very memorable moment in his life, Michael reveals that on the night of his senior prom, he managed to get in to the very famous Studio 54 club in NYC. He explains that he dressed both himself and his date in order to get in to the star-studded hotspot:

“I went for the first time on the night of my senior prom. I skipped prom and wrapped a girlfriend of mine in hot pink gauze – a strapless pareo, harem pants – and a flower behind her ear. I wore a piece of raw silk jersey, wrapped into a diaper pant, with a Panama hat and a burlap jacket. I took three luggage straps and wrapped them around my waist and my thighs – which were considerably smaller then. We got to the door at Studio 54, and I’m sure they were like, ‘These kids are fabulous.’ They didn’t realise we had to get back in the car and drive to Long Island at the end of the night.”