New York based label Rag & Bone have enlisted actor Michael Pitt and the beautiful Léa Seydoux to star in their Fall/Winter 2013 campaign images. The menswear campaign photos are a first for the company, who worked with the actor following rehearsals for his part in ‘Boardwalk Empire’. The designers were surprised by what Michael did for the photos – sacrificing something personal. David Neville, one of the designers behind the label, explained that they were told to be natural:

“Léa and Michael weren’t given any direction, the premise was simply them in Rag & Bone doing whatever came naturally.”

Michael, clearly a natural in front of the camera, took out his personal guitar and smashed it. The actor commented on the moment:

“We parked the car around 42nd and 8th, we set up and I walked out into the middle of the street and smashed [my guitar], the people who were walking by loved it!”

Léa can be seen on a busy subway and out on the streets for her images. Take a look at the full campaign below!