Photo: FashionGoneRogue

Deciding to give herself a bigger role in the fashion house that her father founded, Prada designer Miuccia Prada has been named co-ceo of the company alongside her husband Patrizio Bertelli who she will share the role with. It has been announced that her previous position will be filled by Carlo Mazzi. Miuccia now hopes to focus on the “style and communication” aspects of the business. She will also  take care of the daily management and creative aspects of the business:

“concentrate on the day-to-day management of the business by devoting her time to guiding the further development of the Group, mainly in the creative design and brands communication activities”.

As to why they decided to make the move now, a representative for Prada stated that they believe it to be:

“a natural extension of the role she has already played in the Group’s development and will be beneficial to the Group’s long-term growth and progress”.

With Milan Fashion Week just around the corner, Prada will as usual debut the new Autumn/Winter 2014 collection at the event. The company also unveiled their new Spring/Summer 2014 campaign recently, starring a diverse cast of models outfitted in their statement cartoon print pieces. Photographed by their regular campaign photographer Steven Meisel, the new images star a range of fresh and established faces including Julia Bergshoeff, Dorota Kullova, Ashleigh Good, Gracie Van Gastel, Amanda Murphy, Viktor Van Pelt, Maggie Jablonski, Lieke Van Houten, Maja Salamon, Ola Rudnicka, Sabrina Ioffreda, Magdalena Jasek, Nastya Sten, Cindy Bruna, Anna Ewers, Ophelie Guillermand, Malaike Firth and Lexi Bolling.