Photo: MinxSociety

Nicole Richie’s ‘House of Harlow’ fashion line only featured jewellery, bags, shoes and accessories up until now but Nicole has just launched a range of clothing under the name and says she is very excited about the pieces which include many items inspired by her signature bohemian-infused style:

“The apparel was just launched, and I’m really excited. It’s very me: lots of prints, peasant dresses, loose-fitting tops.”

Speaking on her young daughter Harlow, Nicole reveals that she already likes to steal from her mother’s wardrobe and even walks around in heels:

“She already [steals from my closet]. She likes to take my black tank top and wear them as dresses – and she’s really at walking in heels. She feels very, very glamorous.”

On what makes a women intelligent, Nicole says she likes women who know what they want and are passionate:

 “Someone who’s confident, has a clear idea of what she wants and goes after that. It’s passion, but it’s about what you do after that – it’s about following your dreams.”

Opening up further on her daughter’s growth, Nicole says Harlow is in the process of being her own person. She says on parenting:

“She’s in the process of shaping who she’s going to be. And parenting makes you look at yourself, because you have to live and breathe every single thing that you’re trying to teach your kids. I think that when people are willing to look at themselves and make the right moves to become the version of them, that’s the most intelligent thing.”