Legendary singer David Bowie has been named as the new face of Louis Vuitton’s ‘The Art of Travel’ campaign, which will also star American model Arizona Muse. The campaign will feature in print and will be accompanied by a short film which will land in November. The short film, which is directed by Romain Gavras, will see Bowie perform “I’d Rather Be High” while playing the harpsichord. Part of the campaign sees Muse floating in Venice’s Piazza San Marco on a hot air balloon, while Bowie stands on the ground serenading the beauty. Frederic Winckler, Vuitton’s communication and events director, commented:

“The film is all about traveling through time, and sharing an incredible moment.”

He added that Bowie fell in love with his idea for the commercial and wanted to be involved: “He liked the character, the role he was asked to play.”

Take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes snaps below. The print campaign was captured by photographer David Sims.

Louis-Vuitton-The-Art-of-Travel-2-David-Sims-02 Louis-Vuitton-The-Art-of-Travel-2-David-Sims-03 Louis-Vuitton-The-Art-of-Travel-2-David-Sims-04 Louis-Vuitton-The-Art-of-Travel-2-David-Sims-05 Louis-Vuitton-The-Art-of-Travel-2-David-Sims-06 Louis-Vuitton-The-Art-of-Travel-2-David-Sims-07 Louis-Vuitton-The-Art-of-Travel-2-David-Sims-08