jenniferlPhoto: PopSugar

Christian Dior designer Raf Simons has opened up on taking film advice from actress Jennifer Lawrence. The creative director is set to appear in a new fashion documentary named ‘Dior and I’ and said he turned to Jennifer, who is the current face of the label, to seek her opinion on the film. Jennifer has a different way of viewing films to the way he seems them and he admits he has a more emotional approach:

 ”She said she looks at things very technically, when she looks at a film she’s in, but it was not the case for me at all. It’s all about emotion. It’s not about how it’s cut and all that.”

Raf comments that he was at first a bit skeptical as to how the company would appear on film and says appearing on a documentary can be a daunting and scary process. However, he is now happy with the result and thinks that Dior’s family-like attitude is seen through the  new fashion film:

 ”Indeed, I was not too keen on it actually, if you want to know the truth. You know, it’s scary and it would be a lot for people who are not actors because it has nothing to do with acting. There was an enormous intimacy in the movie, which I think is also present in Dior, in the company. In the building, there was a strong kind of family feel.”

Jennifer Lawrence continues to stay firmly linked with the brand, reportedly recently signing a three year deal to continue their partnership which began in 2012.