Photo: Asianfashionlaw

Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli sounds rather disenchanted with the entire fashion industry lately and is regularly known to rant about what’s on his mind. Cavalli has opened up on the industry now being too focused on just making money and thinks the creativity part of design isn’t as important anymore. He doesn’t believe it is evolving any further and thinks designers aren’t pushing new boundaries:

“Fashion is just about money now. There’s no evolution. In the 18th and 19th centuries, fashion used to completely change every 20 years. Totally new silhouettes, etc. Now, there is less creativity. There’s been nothing truly new since the 1950s, except many sneakers [trainers].”

Further to this, Cavalli is outraged that some designers have begun copying each other and even blatantly ripping off other people’s ideas. He says that while this practice is expected of high street stores because they only hope to cash in on quick trends, he points out that high fashion designers should never have to copy anyone else. He takes aim at American designer Michael Kors in particular and says he regularly rips other people off. He sees this practice as being a big “scandal” within the fashion industry and believes it isn’t fair on those who put in the real work:

“Now you have designers and you have Zara, which is meant to be fast and sold at a very cheap price, so you expect [copying.] But Mr Michael Kors, he copies everything! It’s really a scandal and nobody has the courage to say anything. It’s really not fair.”