Shopping and Goodies has the scoop on the latest beauty and fashion trends! We’ve even “eyed” a beauty faux-pas! We’re so excited to share Marc Jacobs beauty collection and Elure’s amazing lightening lotion. BTW…it really works!  Are you ready to go gold? Check out Balmian’s shimmering metallic looks. I’d start reading what the trendiest fashionistas have to say. Now you know what Pamela, Susana, and Betsy know!

Shopping and Info is featuring  Elure’s advanced lightening lotion!

Be Voguish takes a first look at Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection.

Girls Talkin Smack shares celebrities who have over-plucked brows!

A Few Goody Gumdrops is totally haute in Balamin’s laminated knit top and sarouel trousers.