Stella McCartney’s label is known to be much more eco-friendly high fashion companies – the designer only uses faux leather to create any leather accessories, never uses genuine fur and does her best to produce items in a way that is sustainable. However, the British designer admits she sometimes has to slightly sacrifice her vision in order to boost sales as that is what business is all about. She candidly states that everything she produces can’t always be entirely eco-friendly and she has to cave to what people want:

“I’m a fashion designer, and I have to create desirable, luxurious products that women are going to want, whether they’re a little more sustainable than the other or not. The main thing is, they need to want them.”

Stella admits the fashion industry have a long way to go before they become more aware of where their products come from and how better pieces are produced over time:

“People don’t always question the sourcing of their materials, and it’s critical, it’s key. In farming, you know you have to put back into the soil in order to get a good crop the next season. The fashion industry doesn’t always approach it from that point of view.”

McCartney realizes that because of how fast fashion moves, it can be hard for the industry to focus on a long term goal such as sustainability when trends come and go, making it impossible to look far in to the future:

“The sad thing about the fashion industry in particular is that things come in and out with fashion. It’s what we’re good at. One season fur is in, the next it isn’t. To be sustainable and responsible in business, [the effort] needs to be continuous.”