Photo: Mirror

She may be British-based, but Stella McCartney recently decided to unveil her pre-summer 2015 collection in Milan. Explaining why she made the decision, the designer commented that she wanted to promote the company’s newly refurbished store in the Italian city, and also she wanted to show at a new location because they’ve previously shown collections in two other fashion cities:

“It’s for two reasons; because we have just refurbished our store here and I wanted to have a look, and because we have these presentations in London or New York and I thought it was time to bring one here.”

Opening up on how the store’s refurbishment was worked in to the presentation, Stella explained that they were able to use a special recycled material to complete the revamp and she was very happy with the results:

“The idea of them is to be able to see the collection and have some fun at the same time – to allow yourself to enjoy it all. In the store what’s particularly exciting is that it’s the first time we have used BAUX Träullit, which is a tile made from recycled wood pulp from Sweden. It’s these three guys in a forest, and they make this really exciting material.”

Stella is known for her eco-friendly approach to fashion and never uses real leather or fur. She opened up on how the brand still manage to make stylish bags without using animal-based materials:

“We use vegetable coatings and materials and we are really pushing boundaries in a sustainable manner without sacrificing style in any way. Half of the women here tonight probably don’t even know the bags aren’t leather, and I find that very exciting.”