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Summer is finally and here, and we can now follow the latest and impressive fashion trends of 2016. The main and important fashion trends include the off shoulder dresses; backpacks are again “in” this season, which is nowadays used with prairie dresses, and boho chicks are rocking the new fashion trends. Let’s find out about the new fashion trends summer 2016. The list includes all the dresses, hairstyles, shoes, makeup and other fashion trends of 2016 from runway looks to all the designer introduced fashion and trends.

The Slip Dress
This summer the underwear dress has come to us as outerwear, the trend is almost out in every season, but it was first to get noticed this season while showcased in Givenchy and the people get flattered by the sultry looks presented in the silk dresses. The slip dresses are again in fashion because of its comfort, convenience, breezy style and, of course, sexiness.

Art Class
Another top trend for the 2016 summer is mixing leathers and laces with refined and glossy ensembles. It is mostly an ensemble with lace paneling and also a lot of studding, sculptural fabrics, and 3D accents, designers show their talent by showcasing different material with leather and pure materials.

Victorian Rules
The collections of designers in summer 2016 reminded us of the Victorian era with high necklines, ruffled sleeves, and regal details which give the look and feel of a modern day fairy tale or the feel of a member of a royal family. The only thing being assured right now is that the designers are bringing these Victorian trends to modern day to bring the class and regality in the fashion world. The small alterations included in the Victorian era include short hemlines, sheer finishes, notice-me fabrics, and even denim.

The backpacks are the new trend which is adopted by fashion lovers this season. The rucksack or backpacks are the swankier style statement and is promoted top brands like Burberry. The prairie dress and the small bag will give you a classy, fashionable and a comfortable feel.

A Ruffled Dress
A ruffled dress is a must have this summer. The ruffled dresses have a feel of a 21st-century fairy tale with dramatic, fine-looking, flowing ruffles. Erdem’s brand new assemblage is on the top suggested ruffled dresses for the fashion lovers with the fondness of amenity and drama.

Chunky Sandals
Chunky shoes are oneof the top-rated trends this summer and Chanel has the best collection chunky sandals. However, Burberry and Kenzo also provide an excellent option for the chunky shoe lovers.

A Logo T-Shirt
A logo T-shirt is a new happening trend in the list of spring/ summer trend for males and females. It was all started out with Vetement’s DHL T-shirts which are all sold out now. As most of the customs from the 90s are being revived this season of 2016, logos are one of those trends.It is not pretentious it is more of sardonicism, and French Connection’s prelaunch of the FCUK T-shirts are the prove of the 90s fashion revival.

A Prairie Dress
The festive looks for the summer season 2016 are not completed without the floral print dress with a drop-waist. These dresses are also known as Prairie dress because the might have also been seen on The Little House on the Prairie.

The Denim Mini Skirt
The efforts of Vetements (which is a cult label nowadays) for bringing the 90s fashion trends back has been fruitful as another trend of wearing the denim mini shorts are also back in style this summer. So, it is time to bring back the denim shorts which were worn by many in their teenage years.

Off-the-Shoulder Top
The cold shoulder tops are once again in fashion this season of summer 2016. Off the shoulder dresses and tops are a great combination of seductiveness, elegance, and chicness. There’s a blustery insouciance to off-the-shoulder looks that’s flawless and can be worn without giving it much thought.

The Tiara
The tiara is loved by teenage girls (especially while going to prom), brides, and a member of royal families and now by Saint Laurent. The Saint Laurent considered the Tiara to be a must have for girls in the spring and summer 2016, and they promoted it to wear the Tiara with “everything.” The trend was also encouraged by many other designers and was seen on the runways with a little bit of alterations like tiara made of flower, beads, and stones.

Scalloped Hem Bikini
Scalloped hem bikini is also one of the favorite trends of spring and summer 2016. The bikini is perfect for the beach lovers and girls with beach bodies as it is the perfect mixture of comfort, convenience, and fashion for the fashion lovers in 2016. Also, isn’t summer just the perfect time to that gorgeous sun tan?

Frayed Denim Shorts
In addition to denim mini shorts, the frayed denim shorts are also in fashion this summer. The best thing about wearing denim shorts is that these can go with almost everything. The Denim shorts are also convenient as they can be pulled off by nearly every girl.

Slipper Mules
Slipper Mules are also in fashion this summer and the comfort, easiness and convenience offer by these slippers are unmatchable. The prime thing about these is that they provide the comfort of slippers and the fashion sense and style of wearing even classier shoes which are admired by many of the users of these slippers. This is a good news for every sandal lover out there in this summer.

Tops with Exaggerated Sleeves
Along with the off-shoulder dresses, the exaggerated sleeves are also the top rate fashion trend this summer. The bigger the sleeves this season, the more they look flattering and fashionable this summer. It can be thought as if a flower child meets the Victorian Princess, plus the sleeves also remind us of the Victorian era.

Graphic Bags
The graphic bag is a trend for the handbags or shoulder bag lovers this season. The bigger the bag is the more it is in style, and it looks better too as compared to clutches. The most appealing thing about this trend is that girls can pull off the weirdest and wacky looking bags this season and call it fashion. Put all your stuff in the bag you will be carrying because it is officially FASHION! If a person likes to have a bottle-shaped bag or ice cream shaped, her time is now to bring those bags out.

Lace-up Flats – Gladiator Flats
Flat shoes are an essential for the closet of a fashion loving girl nowadays. However, the flats have been in a major need of exaltation. The latest summer and spring fashion trends 2016 have introduced the lace-up flats which make you look stylish as well as brings the comfort to the feet.

Denim with Patches
Old trends are officially back, be it 90s like patched denim or the dress for hippies in the 60s. They are back with a bang, my friend! However, it is a lot bigger and advanced than hippies in 60s, but it looks fine as hell in this trend than before.

Next-Level Gladiator Sandals
Gladiators are the sandals which you need, to set a fashion statement as well as to have some breeze on your heated up feet during the burning heat of this hot summer.

Graphic Stripes
The spring and summer 2016 has brought the colorful stripes back, and most of the designers showed graphic lines in their collection. The visible streaks are a must have during this summer which gives a futuristic and stylish feel during the summer.

The jewelry trends in this summer 2016 have the accessories including berets, brooches, Deirdre Barlow specs and all the other jewelry you need to have this summer. The jewelry and the accessories are more and heavier in this summer than before. Gucci was the first one to announce about this, “The more the accessories, the better this summer will be.”

Extra Long Earrings
The earrings in the trend for summer 2016 have a shoulder length and are much desired nowadays. The designs promoted by most of the designers were the mismatching measurement of the earrings. The easiest and a stylish way to give a style statement and there is not much to do, only buy two new earrings or utilize two old from two different pairs and ear it to have the most endearing fashion trends of this summer.

The best and the most loved style this summer is the one named as the paper bag style that will squeeze the size and at the same time allows you to breath. It is simple to adopt, just tuck the shirt or simple top into the pants or skirt.

Hair: What’s In
Fashion trends of 2016 have seen an encouragement of long locks and long hairstyles. The haircuts and hairstyles are promoted keeping under consideration of long hair

Straight hair
Summer 2016 has witnessed the return and innovation of straight hairstyles. The long straight locks are sleek and they and super classy. Summer 2016 has encouraged the users to leave their curling irons officially and again use the straight irons. The hair has also been accessorized with simple hair bands to give even more fashionable and trendy looks.

Pastel hues
Balmy and warm colors like shiny mauves are back in the fashions like Giamba and supported by women all over. However, interwoven baby pink hairs were also promoted by the models and runway display of Louis Vuitton.

Choker Hair
The choker hairs are also back in this season, as the models on the runway were seen promoting the hair tucked into the chokers and scarves around their neck. This style provides the person with and urbane and erudite look.

Short Fringes
Short and sharp edges were also a leading fashion statement in the summer 2016 trends. The short fringes officially back for this season. The short frills were mixed up with many styles like messy short edges, sleek wet look, and short, sharp fringes.

The puns are referred to ponytail buns, and they make an official comeback this season. These appeared in a show like BottegaVeneta and were promoted by other designers and fashionistas too. Movie stars like Daisy Ridley and Rooney Mara rocked the hybrid bun (ponytail + bun)  on and off the catwalk.

Crowns were also a thing on the fashion shows of SS16, as the summer season 2016 has witnessed much enhancement in the hair accessories and giving the girls more of royal and fairytale look. The trend got, even more, hype after the Saint Laurent’s models was seen rocking the hair accessories like a crown in the catwalk and runways.

The headband is also one of the accessories promoted during the summer 2016 styles. The headband was also seen with different embellishments like Dolce &Gabbana’s gold headpieces and MiuMiu’s models rocking the headpieces with monochrome colors, middle partings of hair and berry lips.

Sleek Ponytails
With the comeback of straight hair, these were not only left untied but also the models were seen with sleek ponytails and the finest examples included Oscar De La Renta. While the Dior used the ribbons instead of rubber bands to keep the hair in place and it also included matching earrings and neck pieces. The Balmain lifted the game with pieces of hair enfolded around the starting end of the ponytail.

Gorgeous plaits and braids can be seen everywhere this season, too. Just take a look at this impressive double French braid, spotted backstage at Giles. Cute, thin braids were also noticeable at shows like Louis Vuitton. Hairs were braided to the side backstage at Gucci.

Tousled Waves
Tousled waves can be used for any occasion and very easy to maintain. The tousled waves are very easy to get, just a loose wrapping of hair strand along the curling tongs and a girl can get elastic and easy-to-get waves in no time.

Side Part
A side part is mostly best for the girl who wanted to have the attention to the eyes because the center section draws attention straight to the nose. Side part can be perfect for a casual day out, and it can be combined with beachy waves to get a sophisticated and partying look.

Kittenish Pony
The kittenish pony is the one with a super high ponytail and ideal for any looks and any occasion. If the girl does not have long hairs, the kittenish pony can also be achieved by using long hair extensions.

Beachy Waves
Beachy waves are best for the girl who wants to have a chic and sophisticated look. If the girl avoids curling the ends of the hair, then the curls will give the look with looks of having slept on with curls.

Large Barrel Curls
Large barrel curls are the ones inspired by Kim K’s looks and can also be quickly figured as her top 5 looks. The large loose curls with side swept bangs are the one to try one.

Loose Curls
Loose curls work the best with long hair and are compatible with side swept or simply the bangs. It can also work with the center parted bangs; the look is also inspired by Suki Waterhouse’s loose curls with bangs.

Ombre Waves
Ombre waves were rocked by Olivia Wilde and are still in fashion. The look is perfect for girls with long hair and looks convenient for almost every occasion.

Long Braids
Braids are hardly ever out of fashion, and the long braids are the one giving the fashion statement in this summer style. Zoe Kravitz is the one rocking the long braids with and exquisite style and elegance.

Mermaid hair gives you a mermaid and fairytale look, and it provides a fashion statement. The mermaid looks include very loose waves and super long hair.

Makeup Trends 2016

The makeup trends have also seen dramatic changes during summer season 2016. Some of the leading fashion changes include:

Clumpy Lashes and Faux Freckles

The clumpy lashes are back in fashion this year, it was a 70s trend and revived this year with faux freckles. The looks can be achieved by using mascara, and it is applied by brushing it back and forth like a wiper on the windshield. The patches can be accomplished by using different color pencils and by pressing the tips to make dots with the dots on the chin and nose and other random places on the face. It is also affected by keeping the foundation and lips toned down, and there’s nothing annoying about this look.

Chestnut-Colored Lipstick

The chestnut color lipstick is lighter than brown and darker than tan, and it is one of a unique way for the makeup, that is why you need just a bit of concealer and mascara with this look. It was created by the designer with a blend of yellow, brown, orange and red pigments on the top.

Red Lips
The red lips have been in fashion for a long, long time, and it looks even more bewitching with only red lipstick and bare skin, the look was obtained by using only the concealer on the skin and red lips. The makeup artist Yadim applied double coats of red fluid lipstick with no foundation or mascara on, and the model was sent to the runway. It is the most classy and cheeky trend of this summer.

Cobalt Liner
Blue has been in fashion recently for so long and is tried out in thousands of different ways. However, one of the many ways the blue is used, the best is the one where the makeup artist created the look by-lined the inner sides of the eyes. The makeup artist also added a bit of cobalt cream shadow in the roots of the eyelashes. The final look included the blue lining in both the waterline and lashes line and gave the eyes much brighter and bigger look.

White Wings
The white eye shadows are back with a bang; the white eye shadow is again in demand through which the shadow is smudged and streaked out of the eyes to make a winged shaped of the eye. The makeup artist created the look by using a medium-sized shadow brush to paint the outer corners of the eyes. The artists curl the lashes but skip the mascara and send the model on her way.

Sunset Shadow
The sunset shadows include pink, red and orange which are all the colors taken from the dusk. The makeup artist Tom Pecheux mixed the red and orange lipsticks and spread the blend over the eyes and smudged it with the fingers. The most interesting thing about the color mix is that these colors look beautiful with any eye color, be it blue, green, black, brown or hazel all the eye colors go with the mix of orange and red. These colors also complimented the darker skin tone, the darker the skin tone more chances of getting it with the orange-red combination eye shadow.

Brilliant Gold Shadow
The Gold eyeshadow was the brainchild of makeup artist Pat McGrath, and she had all the gold lovers to go with this eye shadow. The brilliant gold shadow allows you to have the gold color on the eyes with as much outrageously as you want. The gold trend this summer will get you going with a lot of other options. The glittery eyeshadow is easier to adopt as it allows you to pick the gold color you want and have it on your eyes with as much brighter color as you want.

Smudgy Silver Shadow
The silver and golden shadows also include much shimmer in makeup along with the dresses and shoes. Zoe Kravitz did an excellent job using the smudgy silver shadow. It helps to define the shape of eyes. Silver can also be included now and have powder shadow with sparkles and blend it all over the lids and around the inner corners and also along the lower lashes. Also, shape the top of bottom lashes with black pencils. Flirty

Lashes and Lips
The flirty lashes and lips can also be achieved by using “chunky Twiggy lashes” with “dusty mauve lips”. It is the color for people who live in leather jackets and motorcycle boots. The artist recreated it and to keep it from going too dolly-looking, the artist kept the skin fresh and used the softest shade of pink blush on.

Sparkly Wings
The sparkly wings are again in fashion, and the look can be achieved by putting the glitter and supporting it with glitter and also the black liner. To achieve the look make a thick line on the top lash and thin one on the bottom and mascara has to be added to the top and the bottom one. The waterproof gel has to be used to put the glitter color of your choice around the outer corners of the eyes. The eye shadow brush must be dipped in the waterproof gel and then put the glitter on the outer edges of the eyes and spreading it towards the temples and repeat the process to get the right amount of shimmer on the eyes. After finishing the outer corner take the left over on the brush and spread it along the top and bottom lash lines.

Allover Caramel
Zendaya’ssexy, glow take on monochromatic makeup was loved by many. Most of the girls think that her looks were the result of many professionals, and it cannot be pulled off at home, it can be told through a secret that Zendaya does her makeup herself. The looks can be achieved by lining the eyes with dark a brown pencil and a medium toned bronzer with a little bit shimmery gold. The powder is dusted around all over the eye lids and then on the cheeks and the cheekbones to contour. The looks can be completed with a matching creamy lipstick.

Go for the Gold
The gold for the blush on is also on the hype these days. The gold shimmery pink blushes on and pearl highlighter on the cheekbones carry it to the nose and on the center of the lips. The makeup artist also put a gold cream shadow on the lids and golden bronze on the eyes while white gold cream on the lids while soft beige-gold cream around the inner corner of the eyes and the lower lash and black mascara on the lashes gives the perfectly delicate and lovely look.

Dark Eyes and Lips
The dark eyes and lips are the trend which gets you going this summer. French beauty blogger FatouN’Diaye created this style by smokey eyes and burgundy lips which are dramatic but casual to wear even with the sun in the sky. The smoke can be kept even subtle by lining the eyes with black pencils and smudging the smoke using a brush to create the grayish color around the top and bottom lashes. The look also includes the curled eyelashes and the light color of pink or brown blush on will complete the look.

Glossy Black-Cherry Lips
Glossy black-cherry lips are sexy and are in demand this summer. The Black cherry lips have latex-like feel and shine, also gives a naughty vibe in this heat of summer. The cherry lips if applied correctly also give a badass look. The only thing to be careful is about applying the lipstick and has it stayed on the lips for a longer period. To ensure the lipstick to stay on is by starting to outline the lips and filling it with a dark wine-colored pencil. Then the same color (i.e. wine colored lipstick is applied and then is blotted with a tissue and reapplied and finally complete the look with a clear lip gloss.

Cranberry Shadow
The cranberry shadow is the one with a minimum of brown shadow and more of red which gives an elegant, beautiful and flattering look. For this look, the eyes are covered with a light tan shadow and to augment the shape of eyes Khol is used to line the outline the lashes of top and bottom lid and then smudged to the roots. It is then darkened towards the outer corner of the eyes. The look is then completed with fading the shadow in the inner corners.

Champagne Shadow
The champagne shadow is the one which makes the person forget to contour. The strategic highlights are used for this look, the key point is to make a perfect base, and this skin should not be incandescent or dull. Then hide any flaws like circles under the eyes, freckles and so forth, and then highlight the eyes with nude the shadow of matte shade which is one tone darker than the skin and spread it out to the outer corners of the eyes. After that cover, the eyelid with champagne-colored shadow and the look is completed with a rose gold lip gloss.

With that being said, have a wonderful summer ladies!