Photo: Telegraph

Never one to mince words, Tom Ford has commented that he thinks people care more about what celebrities are wearing than actual critical acclaim or what is written in magazines about designer talent. He explained that people look up to the likes of Rihanna for fashion inspiration and when they see her wearing a product, it’s more influential than anything else. He believes it’s a relatively new phenomena but he says it’s now leading the way, changing how people shop:

“Something new is happening… and this probably won’t go down well, but customers don’t care any more about reviews or hard-copy publications. They care what picture Rihanna just Instagrammed while she’s naked in bed, what new shoes she has on, how she’s talking about them. That’s what they respond to.”

The designer is soon to receive a lifetime achievement award by the CFDA but Tom admits he almost took it as an insult because it insinuated that he has contributed all he can already. He says that he is a high achiever who isn’t ready to call it quits:

“Sometimes high achievers are never satisfied, and you rarely stop to look back and say, “OK, maybe I can calm down, maybe I can enjoy the feeling that I have accomplished something, maybe I don’t need to drive myself so hard.”

Tom also laments that the fashion world is producing more than just the usual amount of collections (2 main collections plus a smaller Cruise/Pre-Fall offering) because he says it just doesn’t give him any time off to reflect or adjust:

“You don’t have a moment to reflect, with four collections a year for men, four for women, all these mini collections all the time. And the fact that Cruise is now shown with these giant productions means it’s no longer what it was supposed to be, which was clothes that were maybe not strong enough to show but were your real bread and butter, the clothes that women wanted to wear.”