Photo: Aceshowbiz

Italian designer Valentino Garavani has revealed that he at first wasn’t a fan of his own biopic, ‘Valentino: The Last Emperor’, when it was released during the Venice Film Festival. However, he only saw it for the first time when it was released and it was too late to make any changes even though he didn’t like the parts where he looked “hysterical”. He says that he changed his mind about the film when he saw the audience’s reaction:

“I didn’t realise that I’d have someone behind me [filming] for two and a half years. When it was first shown to me I didn’t like it, but it was too late. I’m always very reserved and I didn’t like that they showed me as hysterical and screaming. It premiered at Venice Film Festival, and afterwards there was a 10-minute standing ovation for me … after that I changed my mind a little bit.”

Looking back on his extensive career, the famous designer says he is proud of everything he has done because he has always created with passion. He offers his own advice to people on how to live, saying it is best to simply embrace life and try to be happy while you can:

“I’m very proud, but not just because of the clothes I’ve created. I did lots of work with joy and with all my heart. I did my best and tried to please everyone. My advice to you all would be to believe, to appreciate what life gives you and try to be optimistic and just to be happy.”