Saddened by the news of the recent Philippines typhoon, designer Victoria Beckham decided to dig deep in to her personal wardrobe. She donated several boxes of designer clothing, shoes and accessories to London’s Red Cross who will use the pieces to raise money for the relief effort. Victoria also encouraged others to follow her by taking old or unwanted items to a Red Cross store who can re-sell and use the extra money to help those left without homes:

“Typhoon Haiyan has devastated the Philippines, killing thousands and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. The British Red Cross is now carrying out an enormous humanitarian relief project to help all those people in desperate need. David and I are supporting the Red Cross Shop Drop for the Philippines campaign and we urge everyone in Britain to do the same. Everyone has something in their closet they were holding onto, a dress, suit, or pair of shoes they thought they might wear again, dig them out, bag them up, drop them off and give someone else the chance to buy them, raising much needed funds for the Red Cross aid effort. Thank you.”

British Red Cross Director of Fund-raising, Mark Astarita, commented that Victoria’s charitable effort will help those who have survived the devastation and who need help with essential care:

 “We are delighted to have Victoria and David’s support for the British Red Cross… Their generous donation will enable us to raise significant funds towards the enormous humanitarian operation currently underway: providing survivors of Typhoon Haiyan with urgent shelter, medical equipment, food and clean water.”