Photo: Purseforum

Singer-turned-designer Victoria Beckham has proven herself a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Working with Skype on a new collaborative project, she has spoken on her dream of designing and says she has always wanted to create her own collections. She says she waited for the right chance to launch herself as a designer and now she is very focused on establishing her business even more:

“I always dreamed of doing this, I wanted to do it when the time was right, I was very focused.”

Victoria also credits her amazing team with helping the label. She explains that at the beginning she was very nervous and she didn’t want the focus to be on her as a celebrity, but rather the designs produced. She compliments the people who she has worked with so far:

“It’s not just me doing this, I have a great set of people around. I was nervous. It wasn’t about me, the celebrity, it was about the product.”

The designer adds that she loves making women feel great about themselves through her designs and she especially likes to get to know her customer and see what aspects they like about designs in particular. She says one of her favourite parts of her job is doing personal fittings:

“I love women, I want to empower women. I want to make women feel confident and sexy and good about themselves. I love to get into the fitting rooms with my customer and find out what she likes!”