Photo: Telegraph

British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has designed a whole new wardrobe for the staff at Richard Branson owned Virgin Atlantic. Creating tailored yet feminine coats, skirts, shirts, trousers and more for the revamped crew uniform which is available for both genders, Vivienne opted for a glamorous revamp of the old uniform styles previously seen on those who work for the company. A spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic commented that they were thrilled to work with the British designer on the project and they thought she was the best fit for the job:

“[Westwood] was the natural choice to redesign the uniform across all areas of our business. Firstly because original design and sustainability are vital to both Virgin Atlantic and Vivienne Westwood. And this long term partnership brings those ideals together in an exciting and innovative collaboration.”

The company added that they think Vivienne’s design ethos runs close to that of the airline because they both enjoy pushing the boundaries in their fields. The spokesperson said that they believe the end result is a uniform that makes men and women feel great as they work:

“Vivienne was also the original ‘punk’ designer, sharing the pioneering, maverick spirit that Virgin Atlantic is famous for. And most importantly, along with her team, she creates intelligently cut, beautiful tailoring that makes both men and women feel confident and at their best.”

The clothing will now be worn by the 7,500 members of staff and the full collection consists of just 22 pieces. Richard Branson commented that he thinks the designs are “extremely glamorous”.