Photo: BecomingGorgeous

Zac Posen has a big pet peeve when it comes to some people’s style choices – he hates when flip-flops are worn in an urban environment. The famed designer also had a bone to pick with “adult hipsters” and rich teenagers who decided to dress “poor” looking. Zac explained:

“Fashion is extremely subjective in terms of location, place, time, and often there are daily cringe-ing moments. When businesses mix with something cultural, these trends often seem like they become law. And at the end of the day, we do have a choice not to be lemmings. Adult hipsters need to end. No flip-flops in an urban environment, they’re unhygienic. And generally, affluent or ‘rich kids’ dressing poor, dirty and dishevelled is reverse snob-ism and quite frankly really boring.”

Posen also commented that often stress drives him to do his best work, and he says the pressure can be intense in his job because so much is expected of him. He adds that his team do help him along the way and he gets so much pleasure out of the full process involved that the rewards outweigh the hardships he has to deal with:

“Anybody that says they create on their own and build a business off of it is telling big fibs. I’m a firm believer in taking pleasure in the creative process. If you enjoy your process, the result aspect of what I do is rewarding, but you know, Karl Lagerfeld has referred to being a fashion designer in today’s world as being an Olympic athlete. This takes nonstop endurance.”