Looks like it’s time to upgrade our hairstyles. Ladies, get ready for some summer fun with new creative ideas. One of the things that I love about having long hair is that you can so easily and within matters of seconds, prep your hairstyle and be done with it! Well, I have to confess that I sometimes miss it. Anyway this year, it seems that accessories are an essential part in hair styling, so check out these photos as they’ll help you get some new ideas for a perfect spring hairstyle.

The hair accessory that I loved most in the lookbook is the one with metallic- coin-like band that really gives a sense of ancient fused with modern style- it’ll be a good way to go with a light, loose picnic dress for instance for a warm spring/summer day. What I love most about this, is that there are no fixed ideas, only with simple updates and experiments; you can get the job done.
The most fashionable accessories for the season are the headbands with polka dots, lace, studs and etc, the hairclips, the gorgeous bows (my most favorite one FYI) that give you a wonderfully feminine and sweet look. So, prep up your accessories, let your mind run free and start your adventure of creating new hairstyles with these amazing accessories. With neutral colors and fashionable styles you can wear them on any event you desire; they give you a total cool and hot fashionista look, so, get on with it. In conclusion, I might add; these accessories can be worn with any hair-length; I’ve already tried it, believe you me!

Photos courtesy of Asos, Urban Outfitters