Statement shoes are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and now besides Lady Gaga, we can see also lots of voguish fashionistas wearing outstanding shoe designs that perfectly embrace their creative and fun personality. Designer Anastasia Radevich certainly knows how to come up with amazing shoe designs that will satisfy the style cravings of big shoe addicts, and her newest collection titled “Lost Civilizations” has a lot of saying.

The Anastasia Radevich ‘Lost Civilizations’ collection abounds with breathtaking, out-of-this-world shoe designs, which warn about the great dangers the current way of thinking will have on the future of humanity. The designer herself expressed the though behind this collection saying that: “The challenge was to reflect an abstract concept in the shapes and details of a shoe. I then developed the details of the piece and selected the materials and experimented with texture and the appearance. I thought of the strength of design and how it had to support the message AND convey the mystery to draw the viewer to the shoe piece. So I reinforced that message with nontraditional methods of sculpting of components of the shoes.”
The collection consists of three parts, representing the past, the present and the possible future, if we go on the current path. “The ‘Past’ will walk you through civilizations that,despite all technological advancements, were doomed to vanish. They have been submerged beneath the seas, after the sea level rose and flooded lands that have been host to the humans before. The shoe pieces have textures reminiscent to those brought up from the depth of the oceans and aesthetics of those civilizations. The constructions of shoes is sculpted from metal and then galvanized and rusted,” she explained.

The tone of the collection perfectly emphasize the present. The message is strong and well-expressed: “The ‘present’ exciting time to live, massive challenges to overcome. It took nature 5,000,000 years to create the amount of fossil fuels we consume. Drilling, rigging, fracking, tar sands, mountain top removal…If the Earth is indeed a living organism, as many ancient tribes believe, how long before it shakes us off as one pesty parasite?”.
The shoe with the message ‘This Will Destroy You’ in the place of the heels is the star of the Anastasia Radevich ‘Lost Civilizations’ collection, as it is the best to represent the present. I guess the person, who will walk on this dangerous-to-wear shoes might have the same fate, but the stunning earth-themed or the rhinestones design is sure to seduce the crazy shoe addicts. I’ll keep an eye on Gaga to see her wearing this pair!

Photos courtesy of Anastasia Radevich