Anna Dello Russo’s collection for Swedish retailer H&M launches tomorrow and the store has been gearing up for this day for quite some time now. The collection will be sold at 10 retails stores throughout the country, including one in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, West Hollywood, and 5 in New York City. It seems the retailer has learned from how chaotic the launch of limited edition collaborations typically is – anyone remember the Versace for H&M collection, or even the Missoni for Target collaboration? Pieces sold out in minutes and websites had to be shut down. Anyways, H&M has already equipped their website with a guide on “How to Shop,” which goes as far as to describe what kind of displays the products will be presented on. They encourage shoppers to “prepare for a crowd” because the pieces will be in high demand, which means you’ll have to watch out for other eager shoppers ready to trample you to get to the shelves first. Stores will be organized in a very particular way, and they’re already anticipating that shoppers will be lined up outside before doors are opened for the day.

The collection is a perfect representation of Anna Dello Russo’s love of gold and heavy decoration. The extravagance should be expected from a woman who has been described as a “fashion maniac” and who owns a second apartment that serves only as a closet for her extensive wardrobe. This accessible collection for her fans is made up of items including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, shoes, bags, luggage, and sunglasses that range in price from $24.95 to $299.





Bags & Luggage


To help promote her designs, Dello Russo also released a video of her dancing, offering style tips, and singing about needing a “fashion shower.” With statements like “I am the guardian of fashion” and “fashion is always uncomfortable” popping up throughout the clip, it’s one of the strangest, yet wildly entertaining music videos in recent memory. What else would you expect from the eccentric Fashion Director at Large?


So, what do you think of Anna Dello Russo’s designs for H&M? Will you be one of those shoppers waiting in line for hours to get your hands on some of the pieces and scouring eBay when they sell out, or are you just going to wait for the next designer’s collaboration?