Lately, I have come to notice that top fashion designer Joanne Stoker has recently started climbing up the fashion ladder pretty quickly. And, damn, it’s about time. I absolutely adore her sense of extravagant and provocative style. The new shoes collection for Spring/Summer 2012 has the same catch.
This collection is the beautiful mixture of Indian and Moroccan details and symbols with vivid tones and fabrics: it involves ritualistic festivals of Indian culture, the religious architecture of Morocco,their history and festivity.

Get ready to experience the extravaganza!
It sort of like tell you a story at the same time reminding you of a little culture, history, geography; starting a journey from the river banks of Kerala through to the regal temples of Rajasthan and reaching to the extraordinary markets of Morocco. In the end creating “ Wicker Woven”, the “Terracota” with cutout wedge heels inspired by its backwaters wicker houseboats and lush green river banks.
Eventually we get this top fashion designers Spring/Summer 2012 Shoes collection which have a great and adventurous story behind it.
It’s a completely different fashion world full of vivid and dazzling colors, imagination and eclecticism. The collection has platform sandals, wedges in very unique and original designs- that are absolutely one of a kind! If you’re a real fashionista dare to wear these mesmerizing shoes- experience the ancient culture mixed with the heat of the present day.

Photo courtesy of Joanne Stroker