karllPhoto: BusinessWeek

Karl Lagerfeld has admitted that he never set out to be “normal”. The Chanel and Fendi designer admits the idea of doing something average with his life has never appealed to him:

“I never wanted to be normal like everybody else. I couldn’t do the job I’m doing if I was average. Look, the French president wanted to be a normal president – look how normal he became.”

Karl previously said he would make a terrible guest at anyone’s home and he stands by his past statement because he would have to bring far too much luggage and he also thinks people worry about having him as a guest just in case he criticizes their personal taste:

“That’s true because I am impossible. I have too much luggage to be a weekend guest,” he sighed. “Nobody has houses kept on a level that my old maniac ideas of how I want things, it’s impossible, it would be… and also you know, most people think that I criticise their houses and things. No, I better stay at home. You can be my guest but don’t invite me.”

The Chanel designer admits he likes to spent quite a lot of time on his own and it’s his way of recharging because he has to get away from all of his projects and clear his head sometimes. The designer loves books and uses his hobby to escape his usual responsibilities:

“Yes, I love to be alone because the batteries, we have to recharge them – if you do so many collections, all the photos, all the books I’m working on too – you need a little time to yourself. And I love to read, I love to look at books so I need a lot of time to myself. I’m never bored because I think being bored is a crime that means that you don’t know what to do with your life. People who say they are bored are bores themselves. That’s how I see it.”