Jewelry plays an important role in increasing the overall complexity of any outfit and adding a glamorous, luxurious or romantic touch to it. With so many interesting designs available, it’ll not be wise to opt for something barely noticeable, something that will hardly make any changes. Add a glamorous touch to your fall outfits with the kind of jewelry that will make you instantly stand out in the crowd. If statement jewelry pieces are your radar irrespective of the weather, than browsing through the amazing Lanvin Fall/Winter 2011/2012 jewelry collection is all you need. Pick up something matchy for you from this versatile collection and make a powerful fashion statement in the cold season!

Statement jewelry pieces have always been superior to simple designs, and this season is no exception in this sense, bringing geometric shapes and floral motifs that instantly grab your attention with their complexity and originality. Structural designs in gold, black and silver tones, precise color selection and a special attention to details make some of the characteristic features of the latest chic jewelry line by this high-end brand.
Skillfully combining silver and gold details in one piece, Lanvin shows that mixing metals is highly recommendable, if you want to add a modern touch to your outfits. However, since each of the designs is unique, impressive and rich in itself, it’s advised to keep your overall outfits as simple, as possible. Though at first sight capricious and fairly massive, these jewelry pieces are surprisingly versatile in terms of mixing and matching and can be easily adapted to various styles.
All the items in the Lanvin Fall/Winter 2011/2012 jewelry collection become a great choice, if you want to break the monotony and step out of the world of conservative fashion rules. With a touch of creativity and individuality, you are sure to impress with these original and edgy pieces that will help you become a real trendsetter, wherever you go.

Photo courtesy of Lanvin