long vs. stud earrings

Jewelry is always the best way to accessorize your outfits. Earrings add a sense of style to any attire you wear. You can upgrade your fashion ensemble by picking the right earrings to go with it. Whether you prefer long earrings or studs, it is essential to learn how and when it is best to wear them.While long earrings seem like a loud option to most people, they can take your style from a simple 5 to an excellent 10. The trick is learning how to wear earrings. In fact, long earrings are a fashion choice for most celebrities.Please check the simple between choosing long vs. stud earrings now!

Here is how to style your earrings to achieve a polished and elegant look.

Choosing the right earring by the shape of your face

For people with long faces and narrow features, wearing long earrings makes a face look longer. The best choice for long faces is round, small loop earrings or studs.On the other hand, long earrings are the best choice for people with rounds faces since studs or round earrings make a face look pudgy. Long earrings elongate the face.

Heart-shaped faces are similar to the shape of an inverted triangle. They also commonly have pointed chins. For heart-shaped faces, long, teardrop earrings would work best as they fill the empty jawline space. Long earrings balance the lower part of the face to create symmetry.Square shaped faces typically have wide chins. To soften the angles on your face, you can go for long drop earrings in an oval shape. Round loops are also an ideal choice. Avoid wearing rectangular or square earrings.

Choosing earring choice by hairstyle

When going for a formal up-do like a pin-up hairstyle, chandelier earrings are the best choice. They draw attention to your face and at the same time make your neck look longer and very elegant. These are best for formal dinners, dances, or orchestras. For casual up-dos or day to day hairstyles, you can go for studs or simple hoop earrings for a finished look that does not seem overdone. If you plan to wear your hair down, the choice of earrings depends on the length of your hair. The only problem with wearing long earrings with long hair is that the hair gets stuck on the earrings, which is messy. For this reason, studs would be the appropriate choice. Otherwise, nothing stops you from wearing long earrings or studs when wearing your hair down.

Choosing earrings by occasion and venue

For sports activities, the obvious choice would be simple studs. They help to preserve your feminist side even as you get your game on.For interviews, unless you are interviewing for a position in the fashion industry, it is always best to stick to small studs that do not attract too much attention.

For occasions such as weddings or formal events, don’t be afraid to show off your long earrings collection. Long silver earrings can complement your stylish attire without overdoing it. Go for chandelier earrings, drop clusters, and heavy hoops.If you are headed for a day in the office, it is ideal to go for conservative earrings. Studs or slightly dropping earrings are great choices.

Choosing earrings based on personal style

Even with all the earring fashion advice, it is best to ensure you do not go too far off your style preference. There are numerous options for studs and long earrings that can meet your style.If you prefer feminine clothing, go for curvy and soft angled earrings in soft colors. If you like to be noticed, geometric shaped earrings are your best bet. Choose eye-catching drops earrings, angular studs, or deep jewel tones earrings if you want to stand out.

If you are the artistic kind, bright colors drop or dangling earrings will bring out your style perfectly. Classic girls look best in ultra-chic studs or hoops. If you prefer a style that is easy going, you can choose neutral, understated earrings that reflect natural colors such as muted blues, greens, azure, yellow, or amber.